At Ntrepid, the freedom to create, ask questions, take chances, and make suggestions is encouraged from everyone. We thrive on change and our company size permits us to listen to good ideas, easily challenge the status quo, explore new opportunities, and embolden our teams to achieve remarkable things.

  • Upward Mobility

    16% of employees received a promotion within the last two years

  • Low Attrition

    Ntrepid beats the national average for company employee turnover among technology companies

  • Career Longevity

    68% of employees have been with Ntrepid for 2+ years (35% for 5+ years)

  • Eager Employees

    Ntrepid nearly tripled the professional development utilization average vs. other Washington D.C./Baltimore companies

  • Investment In People

    Over $200,000 invested in 120 professional development opportunities in the last two years

The Right Tool for the Job
Fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration

Each of our teams has a huge say in the technology choices they make and team members feel a sense of autonomy and freedom to explore the best approaches possible. Personal and team growth opportunities are constant, and we ensure that everyone is given the opportunity, training, and support to excel in their field of expertise — and achieve a sense of purpose and fulfillment through their work.

Encouraging an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Pushing the limits of technology and creativity

At Ntrepid, we are continually creating original products and technologies. Our team members are challenged to explore the limits of technology and stretch their own creative approaches to invent new solutions and devise new approaches. Funding, marketing, customer support, technical team build out, technical advisors, and business experts will empower you to build the next big success story.

We Speak Your <Language/>
Giving every team member a voice

We afford our teams the ultimate say when it comes to language choice. We look at our technology stack choices as tools with pros and cons, rather than dictating a “one size fits all” approach. We listen to the people who are living with the product because they are the ones who truly know the tools they need to create the solution. Everyone on the team has a voice.

All Ideas Are Welcome
Explore, investigate, evaluate

You will never hear us say, “But that’s how we’ve always done it.” Technology changes at a rapid pace and we pride ourselves on having the flexibility to keep up with it. Our employees are encouraged to continuously explore, investigate, and evaluate. We are willing to take the lessons learned and rebuild a feature, a component, or an entire product using a novel approach or toolset. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to reinvent, refactor and upgrade — and we are always up for learning something entirely new.

How do we empower our team members?
With the benefits that matter most to them.

Our people are the most important part of Ntrepid. We ask our employees to share what benefits are important to them. We listen carefully, then act. Below are a few of the benefits we offer to our team members.

    • Securing Your Financial Future
    • Generous Paid Time Off
    • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Health & Well-being Initiatives
    • Work Hard, Play Hard Environment
    • Technology Discounts

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