In April of 2015, Major General Ronald F. Lewis was named a Special Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. As the third most senior ranking official behind the Secretary of Defense and his Chief of Staff, Major General Lewis was brought along as part of a delegation on several overseas trips aimed at strengthening defense relationships with allied countries.

Upon the delegation returning to the U.S., one member of the Office of the Secretary of Defense reported allegations concerning Major General Lewis to the Secretary’s Chief of Staff. Once a preliminary review was completed, the Chief of Staff asked the DoD Inspector General to initiate an investigation into the allegations that Major General Lewis misused his government travel charge card (GTCC) for personal expenses, made false official statements about his GTCC misuse, and engaged in conduct unbecoming of an officer on multiple occasions.

Using Timestream to recreate the investigation of Major General Lewis, you can put yourself in the shoes of a federal investigator to organize the events, review evidence, and uncover a clear pattern of lies and misconduct.

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