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Data is a Toxic Asset

Don’t keep data that you don’t need on your network. It seems simple, yet it is not put into practice by many organizations worldwide. By regularly purging unnecessary information you can greatly reduce the relative degree of the toxicity within your network. If you don’t need immediate access to your confidential information, limit your risk of exposure by following the suggestions in this blog.
Investigator anonymity

How Stand-Alone Laptops Put Law Enforcement Investigations at Risk

The internet is now part of almost all investigations, bringing significant new complexity to gathering evidence or conducting covert activity. Consequently, internet-based investigations create a whole new category of risks. Just as detectives work in plain clothes and drive unmarked cars, it is often important to avoid identification as a law enforcement officer when investigating online. This is often called being “non-attributed,” but is more accurately labeled “misattributed” or “anonymous.” A common method for conducting these investigations is to use a dedicated laptop connected to the internet over personal WiFi. Unfortunately, this is an unsafe way to operate, with significant risk of identification, location exposure, content blocking, and infection.

Security Week Article

Understanding Looming Threats and the Need to Hunt With Anonymity: A Security Week Article

Situational awareness is important when engaging online – especially when hunting for threats outside the organization’s firewalls. This requires the skills and tools to protect your identity by remaining anonymous. Additionally, un-patched systems and poor configurations could potentially allow an attacker to get through to your internal network.


Did You Know: Browsing the Internet is a Risk to the M&A Process?

While mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are generally known for bringing economic growth and opportunity, people are beginning to realize that the process also brings serious cybersecurity risks. For example, along with the acquired company’s valuable assets, buyers also inherit all previous and current vulnerabilities and breach history. But there are also risks that exist for buyers before they sign on the dotted line or take action to merge technologies, processes and resources – during the M&A process, an organization is vulnerable from the moment they set out to do online research.