The Timestream Team just got back from LegalTech New York 2015 and luckily the snow storm missed us this year, but there was definitely no shortage of cold weather! This was our second year exhibiting at LegalTech New York, so we were well-rehearsed and ready to impress with our timeline software. There is nothing quite like the buzz in the exhibit hall on Day 1. Many stopped by to take a guided tour of Timestream and snag some of our sleek USB drives (that actually had the Timestream software right on it)!

Timestream Legal Software on USB Drive

Day 2 on the show floor proved to be the busiest, and our team noticed a growing trend of Law Technology consultants walking the floor. We hope these experts were impressed and would recommend us to their clients! A hot topic throughout the conference was keeping up with new technology as a lawyer. There’s always a plethora of new tools and each seems as complex as the previous. We were glad to hear that people considered Timestream to be straightforward and intuitive!

While Product Manager, Anatoliy Tsytsikov, did not do any back flips as promised (sigh), he still wowed the crowds with his demonstrations of Timestream.

Anatoliy Tsytsikov Timestream LegalTech NYC

The creator of Timestream, Teddy Lindsey, gladly jumped in to demonstrate the product’s capabilities when he wasn’t busy with one-on-one potential client meetings.

Teddy Lindsey Timestream Creator LegalTech NYC

In a sea of vendors, it is definitely a challenge to stand out at your exhibit booth. While we certainly think we do a great job, we wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to others that grabbed our attention with their booth design.

Huron Legal takes the cake with their show floor oasis, complete with stone walls and live plants! You could even step into their spa-like setup for a shoe shine.

Relativity had a small booth, but they win the prize for biggest monitor! Their water canteens seemed to be a big hit too, as there was always a crowd gathered throughout the show.

Relativity Booth LegalTech NYC

Last, but not least, DriveSavers had all of their bases covered with their booth design, handouts and consistently branded swag. To top that off, in a glass case at the front of their booth, they had a laptop that had been recovered from the ashes of a house fire that they were able to recover the data from, nice touch!

DriveSavers LegalTech NYC

Exhibit hall hours full of continuous Timestream demos and promising conversations sure did leave the team tired, but we still mustered up the energy to enjoy the city and it’s endless restaurant selection. There is certainly nothing better than a well-deserved meal at the end of a long exhibit hall day. We may have even found a “secret” spot for a burger, but that’s all we can say about that.

Burger Sign LegalTech NYC

We packed it up and made it back to the home office, and are excited to continue all of the great conversations that we started on the show floor. Thank you LegalTech and thank you New York Hilton! Until next time…

New York City Hilton Hotel