Timestream is a powerful timeline tool that can dramatically improve the way university students and faculty work together.

Ntrepid has developed a robust internship program over the years, and as a result we have been able to recruit top talent from our intern pool. We have also built strong relationships with academic programs at the University of Pittsburgh and American University.

As we developed and shared Timestream with American University, we immediately saw the excitement from faculty and students in various disciplines, such as political science, journalism and law because Timestream can radically change and improve the way students organize, store and work on projects and research.

Considering this connection, it’s only natural for us to continue our dedication and investment into academics by providing Timestream free to University students.

What’s Timestream all about? Timestream presents students with a new visual way to learn. Students will thoroughly learn their case as they organize the events, details and supporting documents on the interactive timeline. Tagging and filter features allow students to visually see where events intersect as well as the relationship between events.

As a result, Timestream allows for the quick creation of presentations and reports. All documents, pictures, audio and videos attached to timeline events are imported into Timestream and are fully accessible within the case and the presentation. Themed presentations display a complete visual overview of the project, rather than one slide at a time, allowing easy navigation to different sections seamlessly. The ISIS timeline we created in-house is a prime example of how Timestream works.

At the same time, the Timestream server provides faculty with a dependable tool perfect for real-time collaboration with students. Faculty can oversee and monitor what the students input into the case with the ability to contribute, edit or administer notes throughout the timeline. Students collaborating on group projects can work offline and share their edits when they reconnect.

Lastly, we built Timestream to run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. There is nothing to install, it can even run off a flash drive.

We see the connection with higher education as a key component to continually developing this offering. And, to further encourage adoption within this space, we have decided to introduce a contest. Not only are we offering a powerful tool that’s designed to dramatically improve the way students and faculty work together free of charge, we are also introducing an exciting contest to encourage active utilization. With the Timestream@edu Academic Contest, Ntrepid is presenting students with an opportunity to win a share of the $5000 pot. All students have to do is utilize our software to create an interactive timeline for a class research project or presentation. We will announce the winning publications on the site.

Head over to www.GetTimestream.com to learn more about this powerful tool and www.TimestreamContest.com to learn more about how you can get in on the fun.