Passages Enterprise 2.0

I am proud to announce the next generation of our secure virtual browser that allows users to browse the Internet without fear of picking up malware or other web-based attacks. Passages Enterprise 2.0 incorporates robust browser isolation technologies with best-in-class anti-malware tools and new customized add-ons that strengthen the security capabilities of Passages and significantly improve the user experience.

The most noteworthy enhancements can be found in Passages Safehold, a secure web download feature of Passages that allows users to access the online files they need while keeping malware off their computers. Safehold is now faster and easier to use with a completely reconfigured user interface (UI), and has improved malware scanning capabilities through Cylance.

These exciting advancements come on the heels of Passages taking home two awards during last month’s RSA 2016 Conference. Winning the Gold for Innovation in Next Generation Security and the Silver for Innovation in Enterprise Security, further validates the effectiveness of Passages’ unique approach to protecting against the malware and targeted attacks that fill today’s web-based world.

For more information on how you can make your online experiences more secure, check out Passages.