Security solutions should give users piece of mind to go about their daily routines. If the worry of clicking on a bad link remains a top concern for you and your employees, you are doing something wrong.

Yes, today’s web attacks are more sophisticated than ever before, but the bad guys aren’t the only ones with technology on their side. Everyone is constantly complaining that today’s security solutions are always one step behind the hackers, but that is only true if you focus on reacting to attacks rather than preparing for them. That is the beauty of a well executed virtual browser — allowing users to be carefree and just worry about doing their jobs, not what latest threat is bearing down upon them.

We call this a “No Worries Approach to Security!”

The fear of going online has made everyone weary about what they do and how they might get infected; and for good reason. Inevitably some attackers and their tools will evade even the most sophisticated detection regimes, leading to too many barriers being put up. Unfortunately those barriers do more to impede the user experience than it does to stop malware and other forms of attacks. So rather than worry about the inevitable, our virtual browser, Passages, embraces it.

Because Passages is a virtual browser it isolates the web session from the actual computer, allowing the user to virtually surf online without the risk of infecting their actual computer or mobile device — severing the link that would allow for the compromising of their data. Given its unique approach to secure web browsing, Passages also significantly reduces the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks by keeping the user’s identity hidden — all while providing the complete functionality that users expect from a traditional web browser. Essentially you get the best of both worlds — complete protection from web-based attacks and an unimpeded user experience.

So stop worrying about what you or your employees are clicking on and focus on doing your job with the knowledge that even if attackers infect your virtual machine, that machine is then destroyed at the end of the browsing session along with any infections. Security doesn’t have to remain one step behind the bad guys, and it certainly doesn’t need to be a barrier for your employees achieving a productive workday. For more on how Passages can help your organization create a “No Worries Approach to Security,” check out our latest features.