“The annual Artis Ventures Enterprise Disrupt event features Silicon Valley legend Andy Bechtolsheim, the most astute leading CTOs and CIOs from 7 industry verticals, and 10 of the most promising private technology companies. For the second year in a row one of the dominant themes from the event was security software, which is a core business model component of several of the companies that presented, including Netskope, Ntrepid and Bracket Computing.”
– Chris Haroun, Artis Ventures Co-founder

Our talk on Passages was very well received by the attendees at the Artis Ventures Enterprise Disrupt event; as was our deep background in protecting Internet operations within the national security realm that enabled us to create it. Our focus on protecting the user environment and the local network by completely isolating web browsing activities really resonated with enterprise customers who realize that their most vulnerable and exposed attack surface is their own users.

Enterprises can protect their users several different ways with Passages. When users log in to Passages, a new browsing session with a unique virtual machine isolates all online activity safely away from the computer. Any malware or other unwanted content encountered online will be destroyed along with the virtual machine at the end of the session, guaranteeing users a clean environment every time. A cloud-based, secure file transfer system, allows users to access only the files they want and trust for download to any computer. Passages also allows users to control whether they can be tracked or identified and lets them choose where in the world they appear to be from. Actual location, identity, and browser attributes are completely masked to ensure online activity is not attributed to the user. Passages lends the ability to capture detailed information about all user activity on the web with its Insight managerial suite, providing comprehensive oversight and analytics of all user activity right from the browser.

If you’re interested, check out GetPassages.com to sign up and be part of our pilot program.