Most business networks are full of old devices, like printers, which are full of bugs and vulnerabilities and are rarely, if ever, patched or maintained. People often think that they don’t need to worry about these devices because they are not accessible from the Internet (although they are accessible more often than you might think). The problem is that they ARE connected to the local network, and can be the target of pivot attacks.

Hackers can trick your browser or computer into connecting to local devices, allowing them to be compromised. Once they are controlled they can be used to launch persistent and sophisticated attacks against the network.

It all starts with the fact that your browser is able to reach those devices. If it was properly isolated from the local network, then the attacker would have no way to pivot. Passages provides complete protection against this kind of attack by isolating the browser from both the local machine and the local network, keeping the attack contained until it is automatically eliminated.