When you think of advisory boards being assembled, they are usually not centered on a product. They tend to be focused on the big picture of a company’s growth and typically don’t add much, if any value, at the product level. But given our secure web browser, Passages, was created using out-of-the-box thinking, high-level strategic advice was not what we were looking for in a board. In creating our unique Technical Advisory Board, we sought to aggressively challenge the Passages development team and drive cybersecurity and functionality improvements by bringing together a distinguished group of cybersecurity experts and visionaries who are known as out-of-the-box thinkers.

Our desire to stay at the forefront of innovation and make sure we keep pace with today’s growing threats and technology advances has enabled our engineering leads to embrace the input from the board, rather than see them as a negative force simply looking to poke holes in what they are doing. After a full day of deep and engaging discussions, seeing our team walk away with excitement towards new ideas and new approaches for assessing complex technical questions or potential vulnerabilities is exactly what we had in mind when assembling the board.

I think that speaks volumes to the dedication our team has towards eliminating the risks of browsing or clicking on malicious links, and demonstrates the significant benefit they receive from the great cybersecurity minds on our board.

Each member of the board was selected for their unique skill sets and backgrounds that have made them leaders in their fields. We proudly announced the board in a press release yesterday as a testament to their role in where we are and where we are going with Passages as we tackle the security concerns of today’s browser. And the biggest concern is the unfortunate reality that no one can be careful enough with a browser. Simply counting on finding malware by monitoring your network is no longer a viable option. In fact, if monitoring is all you are going to do then it is akin to leaving your data completely unprotected. By the time you find a zero day threat your data has likely already been compromised. There needs to be a technical solution, a means of eliminating the browser as an attack vector while at the same time allowing the user unfettered access and efficiencies when browsing, printing, and downloading.

We pride ourselves on the ability of Passages to take on that technical role and provide a safe and unimpeded experience to users. The addition of the Technical Advisory Board allows us to further ensure we are doing everything possible to manage the risk the Internet browser has on everyone’s computers.

Check out the impressive members of our Technical Advisory Board