The reason most enterprises find themselves behind the “security 8-ball” is because they are stuck in the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) loop race. While this has been a sound philosophy for security practice, it simply can’t keep up with the pace of threats enterprises see today on a daily basis. By waiting for detection of an attack before reacting, you are stuck trying to cycle through the OODA loop faster and faster to stay ahead of the attackers while they try to cycle faster than you in return. It is just not a viable approach to the sophisticated nature of today’s cyber landscape.

The key for success lies in implementing tools that stop the attack without detection, or prevent the malware from ever executing on the desktop in the first place. This is the approach we have taken with Passages, our secure virtual browser. By creating a virtual browser, the user’s computer is completely isolated from any attack and therefore does not rely on special detection tools. This cuts through the OODA loop by going directly to the action of stopping and destroying malware. The user is free to go about their web browsing without concern of downloading malware to their machine or subsequently infecting the enterprise’s network. This novel approach removes the entire race against the attacker scenario and shifts the balance of power from the attacker to the defender.

To learn more about how Passages is taking traditional online security and flipping it on its head, check out the various ways enterprises are benefiting from its implementation with these specific use cases.