Twitterers (or Tweeters) hit the social network last week with rumors of a Twitter breach. The hearsay was just that. The big Twitter breach is speculated to have been caused by a combination of malware stealing individual user credentials along with the re-release of previously hacked account data.

Last week’s Twitter incident is one of a string theft jobs obtaining millions of user credentials on social media platforms in the past few months. Hackers get paid for selling your credentials either to those aimed at targeting individual users, or they use the data to leverage automation and test the credentials against other top websites’ user accounts across the web. Often users make the mistake of choosing one universal username and password across all of their accounts. The bad guys take advantage of this online vulnerability to seek and destroy making life miserable for the victims.

If you haven’t yet, we call on everyone to change your Twitter passwords

Twitter expedited an action plan by implementing a password reset requirement. If you use a password manager tool, such as LastPass, you have the capability of auto-generating strong and unique lengthy passwords for each account you own across the web. The username and passwords are all held safely inside the tool, and you just need to remember one master password to open Lastpass. This not only eliminates your need to memorize or write down each password, but there is also no need to use the same password across all your Internet accounts just to make it easy. Remember the easier it is for you, the easier it is for a hacker to figure out.

So how can you protect yourself even further?

You don’t have to be a malware victim or even easy prey. Ntrepid’s Passages secure virtual browser provides defense against much of the malware that you are at risk of every day you are online. This secure virtual browser isolates files within a vault called Safehold. No files can access your computer without your say-so. Unwanted automatic downloads containing nasty malware and annoying popups are simply no longer a threat. Passages arms you with LastPass as well, installed to provide you with the utmost protection.

Businesses can shield their employees by using Passages to navigate and browse the Internet without putting them or the entire network at risk. Passages is an effective security solution providing a user-friendly experience that allows your employees the freedom of adopting the tool without the learning curve.

Contact us today to learn more about enterprise level provisioning, monitoring and management for complete malware protection of the network and all its users. Visit our blog regularly for updates on Passages – the safest browser.