We are proud to announce that Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Ntrepid a winner in the 14th Annual 2018 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards® in two categories. Nfusion 2, our secure virtual desktop, was named the Gold Winner of Deception Based Security, and the Silver Winner for Security Products and Solutions for Government.

Nfusion offers unprecedented control over online identities, meeting the specialized requirements of government agencies who need the highest level of security and deception to conduct investigations. When it comes to investigating nefarious actors, researchers are going to face adversaries actively looking for outsiders to attack. Nfusion prevents the target from identifying the user, learning their plans or intent, and exposing the mission. Capitalizing on Ntrepid’s 20-year history of protecting the national security community’s cyber interests, Nfusion combines a hardened virtualized desktop with cutting-edge identity hiding capabilities to provide the ultimate deception based technology for government organizations.

These prestigious global awards recognize cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced, groundbreaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies. Winners will be honored in San Francisco on April 16, 2018 during the annual red carpet awards dinner and presentation.

About Nfusion 2
Nfusion is Ntrepid’s fully-managed secure virtual desktop designed for secure, misattributed online research and investigation. Nfusion provides users with a virtual workstation, fully isolating their entire workflow – including browsing and running applications like Microsoft Office, Tor, Skype, Google Earth, and social media platforms – from their local machine and network. This is critical for online researchers, because without meticulous protection, browsers create a digital fingerprint that can reveal their exact source identity and location. Nfusion manages this fingerprint and masks potentially identifying attributes, such as applications, operating systems, language, browser version and plugins – thus, boosting the user’s advantage by remaining anonymous. This is particularly useful in the domain of national security, as well as other critical infrastructure and law enforcement efforts where it is essential for an organization to protect their identity and objectives.

Beyond law enforcement and national security use cases, Nfusion can benefit private-sector investigations or online activity, such as criminal or fraud investigations, investment or competitive intelligence gathering, internet-based research for mergers and acquisitions, or any privacy concerns for users connected to an IT network. Nfusion employs the optimized PCoIP connection protocol to maximize performance, and users have full visibility into their current connection status, egress point, and IP address.

The Nfusion desktop is equipped with Firefox and Chrome browsers and can be customized with any Windows based application to fit mission requirements. Additionally, Nfusion offers integrated capture tools, a Journal to document and organize your research findings, and a file management application that enables you to safely transfer your research between your isolated desktop and your local machine. Nfusion’s user management application provides a full audit of online activity, including a video capture capability that provides administrators with a comprehensive video recording of all user sessions. Whether you are performing open source intelligence (OSINT) research, collecting evidence, or avoiding targeted attacks, Nfusion provides an all-encompasing solution to conduct your online operations without the risk of passive information leakage, targeted attacks, or being recognized by your target.

About Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards
Info Security Products Guide sponsors the Global Excellence Awards and plays a vital role in keeping end-users informed of the choices they can make when it comes to protecting their digital resources and assets. It is written expressly for those who are adamant on staying informed of security threats and the preventive measures they can take. You will discover a wealth of information in this guide, including tomorrow’s technology today, best deployment scenarios, people and technologies shaping cyber security, and industry predictions & directions that facilitate in making the most pertinent security decisions. Visit www.infosecurityproductsguide.com for the complete list of winners.

About Ntrepid
Ntrepid’s patented technology, leveraging over two decades of protecting the national security community from the world’s most sophisticated opponents, protects thousands of users in some of the world’s most demanding security environments, with clients including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, Department of Justice, and Department of Health and Human Services. From corporate identity management to secure workstations, Ntrepid products empower enterprise online research and data collection, eliminating threats to an online workforce. More information can be found at www.ntrepidcorp.com.