We are thrilled to announce that Ntrepid has been named a winner in the 2018 Cyber Defense Magazine Awards. Ntrepid’s managed attribution (MA) suite was named Best Product for Deception Based Security Solutions, and recognized as the Next Generation in Digital Footprint Security.

Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) is the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. The InfoSec Awards are the annual review of the best, most innovative, market-leading, next-generation, and cutting edge INFOSEC companies offering incredible products and services.

Publisher of CDM, Gary S. Miliefsky stated, “with the advances in cyber-crime, new forms of malware and ransomware, cyber-terrorism and nation state cyber-espionage, we found the innovators who could proactively help you get ahead of the next attack while documenting better due care for regulatory compliance.” All winners have demonstrated both a clear drive for innovation and a mission to help customers stop cyber criminals, hackers, cyber terrorists, and threats against critical infrastructure.

Winners are published in the annual Cyber Defense Magazine print edition and will have their award personally delivered to them by CDM during the RSA Conference 2018. CDM attracts over 100k InfoSec readers, monthly; and currently ranks in the top 1% of LinkedIn InfoSec profiles. CDM’s social media promotion of these awards will reach over 191,000 Twitter and Facebook followers.

This is the second award institution of 2018 to identify Ntrepid as the winner in Deception Based Security. This pattern of recognition is a clear indication that we are quickly gaining ground as a leading provider of obfuscation/OPSEC-focused MA solutions. Being recognized as the ‘Next Generation’ of Digital Footprint Security solutions reiterates our growing visibility in this space.