Based in San Jose, CA, Nutanix Inc. simplifies data center infrastructure by integrating server and storage resources into a turnkey hyper-converged platform. It’s an enterprise-friendly SAN-less virtualized platform that is easy to deploy and dynamically grows to meet business needs.

Since Ntrepid was its first customer, Nutanix asked me to give a testimonial for their new five-year anniversary video, which I gladly did. We chose Nutanix for three reasons: technology, support, and Nutanix’ vision for its technology evolution.

We saw the potential of Nutanix being the game changer for our customers right from the beginning. We needed the ability to have the kind of enterprise class features and capabilities that would scale without having to rebuild our deployment architecture as our customers grew. When our customers need to scale, they need to scale — now. We don’t have time to spend six months rearchitecting or redesigning a solution for them, we need to be able to pop something in and grow.

I was immediately impressed with how Nutanix applied a software-based approach to the architecture. A small, simple package that took up a lot less space, took a lot less power — making it a lot easier to deploy.

On the support end, instead of dealing with multiple vendors, we have one vendor that we can call, and we know they will support us. Nutanix didn’t loose their relationship with us. We were their first customer and we’re really excited about that, but we know we’re not their biggest customer. The fact that we are still getting the same level of responsiveness and same level of support three years later is really exciting to see.

Looking back, we can definitely see that Nutanix delivered on its vision. It’s really awesome to see where Nutanix is today — beyond where I even imagined — especially in three years time.