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Our growing technology firm is looking for a Junior Behavioral Science Research Analyst, to join our team. The analyst will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic, collaborative, and close-knit environment emphasizing multiple skills and core competencies. Their reporting will directly impact the day-to-day operations of the company. We are an unconventional technology company with products and services that will blow your mind. If you ever wonder if your career is actually making a difference in the world- you won’t have that question here.


  • Conducts desk research to drive understanding of opinions, attitudes, and corresponding behaviors of interest
  • Will collaborate on primary field research projects (qualitative and quantitative) using multiple methods and data streams
  • Under supervision from manager(s), will leverage behavioral science models, methods, and metrics to understand and predict human behavior
  • Will take multiple data types (quantitative and qualitative) and merge data with multiple technology tools (both open source and commercial) to drive understanding of topics of concern (with a special emphasis on behavioral issues)
  • Assists in the design and execution of research protocols and internal research projects
  • Assists in the design and implementation of tools to help capture subject data (i.e., survey tools, focus group scripts, etc.)
  • Should have some knowledge of and some introductory experience with multiple research methods of relevance to behavioral science such as intelligence analysis, conflict studies (using conflict assessment frameworks), GIS research, stabilization studies, etc.


  • U.S. Citizenship required (active USG security clearance preferred)
  • BA/BS in social and/or behavioral science field (e.g. political science, psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, cognitive science, geography, or related field) required and preferred
  • Demonstrable experience with research and analysis using appropriate methods from the candidate’s field of study is required. A strong senior thesis, research experience, etc. would be a useful example
  • Strong understanding, and research ability, with regard to regional, geopolitical, dynamics across and issues
  • Foreign language skills are a considerable bonus but not required
  • Data visualization capability (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, Tableau) is a plus
  • Experience working abroad is preferred (e.g. internships or study abroad)
  • Must be personable, have a sense of humor, and work well with a team
  • Should be willing and able to travel to conduct and oversee projects

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