About Ntrepid

People, Focus, and Passion describe what enables Ntrepid to make products of magnitude. With the right people, obsessive focus, and a passion for the work to be delivered, it is possible to do what others cannot.

  • People

    Intuitive products that address complex issues and provide dramatic improvements in performance and user experience are difficult to create. Such products cannot be made overnight. Crafting elegant software that delivers against a complex set of requirements starts with individuals who can determine what is necessary to satisfy the needs of the solution. They must ask, "What are all the available options to complete the tasks? What is efficient, elegant, lightweight, and enduring?" They commit to delivering a sustainable, stable, and useful product — even if it means starting over from scratch. With the right people, the solutions appear naturally.

  • Focus

    Focus is essential. A distraction-free environment where people can recognize and render harmless biases and collaborate with others promotes the kind of creativity and attention necessary to produce a customer-ready experience.

  • Passion

    Passion is what sustains months and years of design and development. People at Ntrepid have an urge to discover what others cannot see. We explore problems from all avenues of approach, and produce what has never been accomplished before. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it fails. Either way, we learn and grow as a company and team. Without this passion, the investment needed to produce our products of magnitude could not be maintained.

  • Make Products of Magnitude

    We are an unconventional technology company. Our products support consumer privacy, web scraping, cyber security, data sciences, national security, knowledge management, and visualization. We invest heartily in new ideas where we see disruptive potential. We believe that forward-leaning is good posture, that conventional wisdom is limiting, and that our people make a difference.