Adam Shostack

Founder, Stealth Mode Startup

Adam Shostack is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, and game designer, focused on improving security outcomes for his customers and the industry as a whole. To solve these problems, he creates a wide variety of companies and organizations, software, new analytic frameworks, as well as books, games, and other forms of communication. He has built these at small startups and at Microsoft.

In his time at Microsoft, Adam focused on human factors in security, including usable security and measuring how customers' computers are compromised. He also worked on threat modeling tools and techniques, and has shipped two tools (one software, one a card game) to help software engineers analyze their software designs for security flaws. In that role, Adam was a key driver for Microsoft's Software Development Lifecycle.

Before Microsoft, he was a leader in three successful startups. He also helped drive the CVE project, launch the International Financial Cryptography Association, and the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium.