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Carlos Parker

Senior Systems Engineer

San Diego, CA

Carlos Parker, Senior Systems Engineer, has worked at Ntrepid for over five years. According to him, his interest in IT runs in the family.

"My dad was also a systems administrator,” Carlos said. “He taught me a lot about it at very early age. I even worked for his company when I was younger."

After getting his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees from ITT Tech, Carlos knew he wanted to return to the IT field. He applied for a job at Ntrepid where he started off as a technician in the Network Operations Center (NOC).

In his role with the NOC, Carlos helped put manual processes in place and rolled out more robust tools for monitoring and statistics. During that process, he worked with new technologies and helped integrate them into existing systems.

Collaborating on this project across departments gave Carlos the opportunity to work with other engineers at Ntrepid. They were immediately impressed with his expertise.

"They were looking for someone to fill a need on their team and, when we worked together, they saw potential in me that they wanted to encourage and develop. From there, I became a Level Two Production Systems Administrator and then a Production Systems Engineer."

After working within those roles and taking on more responsibility, Carlos was eventually promoted to Senior Systems Engineer, where he is now an essential part of creating and refining Ntrepid’s products.

In his daily role, Carlos focuses on Ntrepid’s core infrastructure and identifies opportunities to implement new technologies. Even though part of his job is to be forward-thinking, Carlos says that Ntrepid is not the kind of company to chase technology trends. They instead choose the best tools available to identify and solve customer needs.

“It may be something that is a 10-year-old industry standard or it may be something completely new like Open Stack,” he noted. “It all depends on what the project is. We aren’t just using new technology because it is what’s cool this week.”

One of the things that Carlos loves about Ntrepid is the collective decision-making process. Anyone, in any position, is welcome to give their input on the project.
“We all have the power to suggest and recommend new technology that we want to try. For a recent project, someone brought up the idea of designing an entirely new system and — even though it would require a lot of work — we discussed it as a possibility. Everyone’s opinions are valued and listened to.”

Carlos feels that the work environment encourages this kind of open-mindedness and exploration. “Our managers always acknowledge the extra effort we put in and help us maintain a work-life balance. The way my managers interact with me and my team feels really personal and collaborative.”

Carlos has a natural disposition toward learning and a desire to become an expert in the technology he works with. Ntrepid has enabled him to do just that.

“Ntrepid has always encouraged its employees to pursue what interests them. I was given time on the clock to take training, explore educational resources, and research new tools. It’s clear that the company is really invested in developing its employees.”

In his role, Carlos has been able to work with people at every level of the organization — including some of Ntrepid’s leadership team.
"It has been really cool to collaborate with some of the people I looked up to when I was first hired. Just a year ago, I was asking them how things were done and now I’m working with them to design entirely new solutions.”

Star Wars or Star Trek? If I had to choose, it would be Star Trek but I’m not really into science fiction like most IT people are.

Favorite Website: I personally love mountain biking, so I get up every morning and check Pinkbike. I also like the tech section of CNN and Slash Dot.

What book would you give as a gift? It depends on the person. I’m going through a period of learning how people interact with others, so the last book I started is called “Learn Or Die” by Edward D. Hess. It’s about how to be a more effective communicator.

What do you like to do on the weekend? I love biking, fishing, camping, and traveling. I recently went Australia and I would definitely recommend it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? Let your presence have a positive impact on others. Leave things in a better state than when you found them.