Gerry Hamel

Gerry Hamel

VP of Mobile

“It’s hard to decide what I enjoy most about my role at Ntrepid. I think of myself as an engineer at heart, and I love to understand how things work, but I’m also passionate about working with our customers to understand their challenges and find creative ways to address them. My team is tasked with exploring the latest developments in mobile technology and finding ways to apply those advancements to our customers’ needs. This mandate puts us in a position where there is an endless array of R&D challenges to explore while we push to turn new capabilities into solid products. I am very fortunate to work at the intersection of both R&D and product development!”

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As VP of Mobile, Gerry works closely with the Business Development and Engineering teams to find a balance between the customer needs, sales team requests, and the complexity of engineering mobile products for enduring viability. Prior to joining Ntrepid, Gerry was a member of the technical staff at In-Q-Tel where he vetted startup companies and led multiple investments related to mobile and communications technologies. Early in his career, Gerry worked as a software engineer on several interesting projects ranging from a user-facing web application down to hardware diagnostics, a bootloader, and device drivers for embedded devices. He later leveraged this depth of experience into leading a team of engineers that conducted cybersecurity research and developed related software tools.

Gerry holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Despite a heavy focus on low-level software development, he can (usually) remember to turn off the circuit breaker before replacing light fixtures around the house. An avid runner, Gerry finds that nothing stimulates his creativity quite like a little fresh air and exercise.