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Giuliana DeAngelis

Research & Development Analyst

Herndon, VA

Giuliana DeAngelis is a Research and Development Analyst at Ntrepid. She previously served as a core member of a team administering the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Giuliana earned her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service where she majored in Culture and Politics. It was her love of world cultures and international diplomacy that first attracted her to the field.

“From a young age, I was exposed to cultures different from my own, both in my local community and abroad. I became passionate about connecting with people of diverse backgrounds, building bridges across disparate social, economic and political values, and understanding international affairs from myriad perspectives.”

Giuliana, who is fluent in Mandarin, studied in Beijing as a Fulbright-Hayes scholar. Not ready to step out of the immersive experience when her semester ended, she chose to stay in China to work for a global public affairs and strategic communications company. Her skills and experiences made her a perfect fit for Ntrepid.
“Ntrepid was looking for someone who could apply an understanding of Chinese language and culture to a cybersecurity context. The opportunity to continue utilizing Mandarin in a professional setting, while engaging with issues of cyber and international security, is what attracted me most.”

While Ntrepid is a technology-focused company, her team is comprised of people with diverse interests. With a background in foreign policy and international relations, Giuliana brings a fresh perspective to the R&D team, a team where collaboration is key to innovation.
“Whether it’s regional expertise or specialized knowledge of an emerging technology, we’re always contributing to each other’s work.”

As someone who is new to the technology industry, Giuliana credits some of her success at Ntrepid to the support of her co-workers and encouragement from the company.
“Coming into this job, I was concerned about the learning curve for someone without a tech background. My managers and colleagues have gone above and beyond to connect me with those opportunities—now my friends joke that I’m the tech girl.”

Because of Ntrepid’s size, employees have the freedom and resources to pursue topics they are interested in.
“Even though tech and cybersecurity are relatively new to me, I’ve been able to grow significantly in both areas since I joined the company. Ntrepid encourages us to take classes and engage with the industry at conferences and workshops; a generous professional development fund and flexible hours allow us to do so.”

Though every day is different, each is unified by two main goals: striving to improve the capability of existing products and aiming to discover opportunities for growth.
“Ntrepid applauds new ideas and promotes research of emerging technologies. Exploration, guided by a strategic vision, is a big part of our day-to-day.”

Giuliana really enjoys the freedom to be creative and navigate the unknown. That freedom to explore is what sets Ntrepid apart.
“We are always trying to push the limits of technology. It's often said that innovation is thinking outside of the box — but at Ntrepid, it’s as if there isn’t even a box to begin with.”

Who inspires you? My grandmother. She immigrated to the U.S. from Italy when she was 16. As a child she worked as a shepherdess because her parents couldn't afford to send her to school; to this day, she can’t read or write, but what she lacks in formal education she more than makes up for in wisdom and compassion. I will always admire my Nonna’s strong work ethic, her unwavering faith, the beautiful songs that she sings and her generosity towards others.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Until recently, I hadn’t seen either! Before "The Force Awakens" premiered, my friends and I had a marathon of the series and I became hooked.

Dogs or Cats? I grew up with cats, so I’ll always be a cat person, but I like dogs too.

What book would you give to someone as a gift? "The Secret Life of Bees," "The Giver," or "The Glass Castle"

What do you like to do for fun? I like running, biking, and hiking. I like apple picking in the fall. I also love going to art galleries and outdoor music concerts, but what I really love most is traveling. It’s the thrill of adventure and excitement that comes from discovering hidden gems that I just can’t get enough of.