Director of Data Sciences - Ntrepid

Harold Figueroa

Director of Data Sciences

"Language understanding, computer vision, and human-like performance by computers in more and more activities are among the most promising and disruptive technological developments today. These advances are underpinned by advances in various data, computational, and mathematical fields.
The Data Sciences group advances the ability of Ntrepid to bring these developments to our customers. We work to identify, evaluate, and pursue innovation in many exciting and rapidly emerging fields, including areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and network science."
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Harold Figueroa is Ntrepid’s Director of Data Sciences.  He is responsible for directing our efforts to integrate advances in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, language sciences, and network science into our products. He leads a growing team with deep and diverse talents capable of tracking these fast moving fields and ensuring that our products make effective use of current advances. Harold also maintains and establishes relationships with customers, business partners, and academia. Harold is always interested in understanding where ideas come from and where they're going, as well as observing how they lead and mislead us.

Previously at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Harold developed a broadly used software platform and analysis techniques for environmental monitoring through sound. Before that, he earned a Masters and worked toward his Doctorate in applied math at the Cornell Center for Applied Mathematics where he was involved in research and teaching in image and signal processing, numerical optimization, and epidemiology and ecology.