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Jeremiah Robinson

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer

San Diego, CA

In 1999, Jeremiah Robinson, Ntrepid’s Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer, went back to school to study software development. As part of his coursework, Jeremiah began taking classes in Quality Assurance and he discovered that it suited his personality perfectly.

"I was attracted to Quality Assurance because it’s in my nature to be meticulous and detail-oriented. You have to be interested in understanding how things work, which I definitely am.”

After graduating, Jeremiah’s first job out of school was in Quality Assurance. In the industry as a whole, Jeremiah says, Quality Assurance is now seen as much more of a necessity than it ever has been before.

He enjoyed his first QA job so much he decided to pursue it as a career path — a decision that would ultimately lead him to Ntrepid, where he has now worked for over five years.

“The thing I like about Ntrepid, and the thing that has kept me here for so long, is that there is always another challenge around the corner. There is an emphasis on innovating and a drive to make things better."

Jeremiah appreciates how eager his co-workers are to collaborate with one another. In his experience, being surrounded by colleagues who will take the time to gather at the whiteboard and explain things to him has enabled him to do his job better.
“The people here are always willing to teach, which is great for me since I am willing to learn. As a company, Ntrepid tries to evolve alongside technology, which means I have to be constantly learning — and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy the technology space. I like to be in learning mode.”

Part of Jeremiah’s role includes helping to keep Ntrepid on the cutting edge of technology, which has lead him to pursue further education in skills such as Java and Python.

One of his biggest accomplishments so far has been automating the hundreds of system-level tests that are required for Ntrepid’s products. When he was first hired, these tests had to be done manually and could sometimes take days to complete.

“I helped automate the testing process right out of the gate. Within six months, we had almost 60% of it automated. Now, it’s completely automated and we are able to run the entire suite of tests in less than an hour."

That example highlights Ntrepid’s willingness to deviate from the way things have been done in the past. According to Jeremiah, that freedom has been a hallmark of his experience at Ntrepid.
“I’ve worked for four companies and I didn’t have this much freedom or ability to explore anywhere else. Ntrepid is not afraid to choose and implement new tools if the team thinks they could do a better job with them. That’s why I love it here.”

Ntrepid does not just reach a status quo and stay there. Instead, they are always looking for ways to do things better.
“I’m encouraged to help discover new solutions and the experience is really gratifying. Having autonomy really gives you a sense of ownership over the creative process.”

Ntrepid also stands out among the other places Jeremiah has worked because of the products themselves.
“The products we’re working on are cutting-edge. They provide real value and the impact they make in the lives of our customers is really important to our team.”

Additionally, the office culture itself makes Ntrepid a fantastic place to work for people in all levels and departments. The rapport at Ntrepid is pretty unusual, Jeremiah noted. The team works together really well because they share a vision for what they are trying to accomplish.
"I’ve never seen a better culture anywhere. Ntrepid is full of people you enjoy working with. Everybody gets along so it never feels like, ‘I can’t wait to get out of here.’ The company respects people’s personal time and, because of that, you end up with a happier workforce that genuinely enjoys coming to work."

Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars, all the way. It’s not even close.

What book are you reading right now? I’m a big Tolkien fan, so I’ve read through his books already a few times and I’m doing that again now. I’m also reading a book called “The Well at World’s End” by William Morris. It has a lot in common with Tolkien, but it’s easier to read!

If you were to gift someone a book, what would it be? Something by Tolkien, because it’s so easy to get immersed in. I would also recommend The Holy Bible — no matter where you are on the religious spectrum, that’s a good book.

What do you like to do for fun? I’m a father of three, so I love to hang out with my kids and wife. I have a baby at home that I love to play with. As a family, we like to go on walks and trips to the beach. I also read as much as I can and I like to do technical learning in my downtime.

Who inspires you? I have a couple mentors in my life, including some close friends who are great examples of the kind of dad and person I would like to be.

Favorite Website: I recently cut out cable, so I’ve been visiting Associated Press for news. If I just want a time-waster, I’ll get on an indie gaming websites like “Seven Days to Die.” For learning, I really like Code Academy.

Favorite Movie: Tombstone.