John L. Manferdelli

Practice Professor of Computer Science and Executive Director, Northeastern Institute for Cybersecurity and Privacy

Before working at Northeastern, John was Engineering Director for Production Security at Google. Prior to that, he was the Co-Director of the Intel Science and Technology Center at UC, Berkeley. John spent seventeen years at Microsoft Corporation as a distinguished engineer, managing Windows Security and a security research group, and also served as Director of Innovation. He founded and was CEO of Natural Language Incorporated, which was sold to Microsoft in 1995. Prior to that, he was a Principal Researcher at Bell Telephone Laboratories, a mathematician at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and was a member of the technical staff at TRW Corporation. John also taught computer science at Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Washington, and University of California, Berkeley.

John completed a Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. in Physics from Cooper Union. John has served on several government advisory boards. His hobbies mirror his technical career and include combinatorial mathematics, astronomy, and electronics. John is also a licensed radio amateur.