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Kelsey McKeen

Senior Technical Writer

Herndon, VA

Kelsey McKeen, Senior Technical Writer, has loved writing since she was a child. “When I was younger, I was a creative writer. Everyone is surprised to know how much I enjoy writing things like user manuals and training materials, but I really do!”

Kelsey has been at Ntrepid for nearly two years. Before joining Ntrepid, she worked as a technical writer for Northrop Grumman. She realized that working for a smaller, more agile company would provide her with more creative freedom.

In the technology industry, it’s not uncommon to be handed user manuals that are over one thousand pages. She likes her job as a writer because of the ability to take incredibly complicated things and make them easier to understand.

“My biggest thing is simplicity. I really value effective, simple, and easy-to-understand workflows. I want to create something that a customer can easily pick up and find an answer without having to flip through hundreds of pages.”

Creating user-friendly materials is her top priority. At Ntrepid, she works with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which allows her to branch out and try different approaches to simplifying user manuals and other materials.
“I have worked with people at other companies who complain about not having the resources needed to create a product they are passionate about. That’s not a problem here because they make sure that we have access to any tool we want.”

Ntrepid has provided Kelsey with the resources she needs to create the best possible product. As a result, she has been able to create interactive manuals that are easy to use and navigate.
“It’s unique for someone who is a technical writer, especially in the government sector, to have access to these kinds of resources. It feels more like being part of a startup software company.”

With the freedom and autonomy to create next-generation resources, she has helped set Ntrepid’s products apart from traditional field documentation.
“Our products look cutting-edge. Everyone, whether government or commercial, appreciates the aesthetics and the accessibility.”

Since being here, Kelsey has gotten to be a part of a lot of fascinating and diverse projects that she wouldn’t have had the chance to work with at other companies.
“I’m always moving between projects so I’m never bored."

In just her first year at Ntrepid, she learned more than she did in the previous six years she spent at other companies, due to the opportunities that this company's size affords her.
“At a larger company, your job is very structured. You have one thing that you do. At Ntrepid, you’re very involved with multiple teams and projects.”

Ntrepid offers employees the chance to grow and develop in their careers. She is one of several people who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.
“This year, I went back to school to get an interdisciplinary degree in user experience and web design. I was really encouraged by Ntrepid in that decision.”

Kelsey enjoys the freedom and autonomy that she has to figure out a solution, create something new, or collaborate with her colleagues.
“No one is off limits. I don’t feel confined to my own department because it’s the kind of workplace where I can walk into anyone’s office and get their thoughts.”

She loves the workplace environment here because everyone gets along, making it a laid-back and enjoyable experience.
“There’s a great sense of camaraderie here because we enjoy being together — both at work and outside of work."

Ultimately, Kelsey is passionate about her work because she believes in Ntrepid’s mission: securing privacy for customers and their employees.
“Ntrepid genuinely values their employees and their customers equally. I think that’s key. I always feel appreciated because I’m shown that I’m valued.”

Ntrepid is made up of intelligent and passionate people, Kelsey says, and that is reflected in everything from day-to-day work experience to the products they create.
“Everyone is treated with respect at Ntrepid. The best part of coming to work here is feeling like you’re not just a number. You are really cared about as a person.”

What’s a book you’ve recently read? "Ender’s Shadow."

What book would you give someone? "Ender's Game." I’m a sci-fi fan, and this one has a moral component that I really like — but that’s all I can say without spoiling it!

Favorite Movie? I couldn’t possibly pick. But it would definitely be in the horror genre.

Favorite Website? Amazon — because I’m on it all the time.

What do you do for fun? I like hiking and yoga.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Star Wars.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs — but horses are my actual favorite.