Ntrepid’s Secure Virtual Desktop Excels in Providing Misattribution for Online Research and Investigations

Ntrepid Corporation, a provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Info Security Products Guide has named Nfusion, the company’s secure managed attribution platform, a Gold winner in the 14th Annual Global Excellence Awards® for Deception Based Security. Nfusion also earned Silver for Best Security Products and Solutions for Government. Capitalizing on a 20-year history of protecting the national security community’s cyber interests, Nfusion empowers analysts to proactively hunt threats and targets, while avoiding dangerous counter attacks.

“The ability to conduct cyber operations while controlling your location, concealing your corporate affiliation, and preventing activity tracking, is invaluable to any government or enterprise organization”

Without proper obfuscation of an analyst’s identity and location, conducting covert operations on the web, or gathering open source intelligence (OSINT), can quickly attract attention from the very adversaries that researchers are trying to explore. In response, these targets may respond with misinformation, adaptations to their plans, or deploy an attack against the researcher, ultimately disrupting an investigation and putting sensitive networks and data in jeopardy. Nfusion combats these risks by combining a hardened virtualized desktop with identity hiding technologies, enabling analysts and researchers to perform stealthy cyber operations and engage online without being identified by their targets or revealing their mission activities.

“The ability to conduct cyber operations while controlling your location, concealing your corporate affiliation, and preventing activity tracking, is invaluable to any government or enterprise organization,” said Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist at Ntrepid. “We are extremely proud to be recognized as an industry leader by Info Security Products Guide for our work providing deception based and misattribution solutions to government researchers and analysts.”

Without meticulous protection, browsers create a digital fingerprint that can reveal a user’s exact source identity and location. Nfusion manages this fingerprint and masks potentially identifying attributes, such as applications, operating systems, language, browser version and plugins – thus, boosting the user’s advantage by safeguarding their activities. In addition, Nfusion feels and operates like a familiar desktop and browsing experience, making the platform easy and efficient to deploy, train users, maintain and support.

Cottrell will be facilitating a Peer2Peer session at the 2018 RSA Conference in San Francisco to engage with attendees about the techniques associated with deception-based security practices. The session, Infiltration: Successes and Pitfalls of Penetrating Hostile Online Groups, will invite attendees to share their experiences trying to permeate a target’s territory – including what works well, what backlash have they seen, and how to improve engagement with adversaries. Conference attendees can join this session on Wednesday, April 18th at 9:15am PT.

About Nfusion

Nfusion is a virtual desktop environment designed specifically for secure, anonymous online research and investigations. Nfusion combines advanced identity masking, integrated capture tools, and custom applications to deliver a turnkey managed attribution SaaS solution for your organization. Online investigation and research can quickly attract attention, leading your target to respond with misinformation or adapt their plans. This often disrupts your activity and puts your sensitive network, data, and infrastructure at risk. Nfusion protects you from cyber attacks while simultaneously preventing your targets from realizing who you are and what you are doing.

About Ntrepid

Ntrepid’s patented technology, leveraging a 20-year history of protecting the national security community from the world’s most sophisticated opponents, protects tens of thousands of users in some of the world’s most demanding security environments, with clients including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of State. From corporate identity management to secure browsing, Ntrepid products empower enterprise online research and data collection, eliminating threats to an online workforce. More information can be found at www.ntrepidcorp.com.