60-Day Sign Up Starts Today Allowing OPM Breach Victims to Preregister for Passages

HERNDON, VA – February 29, 2016 Ntrepid Corporation, a provider of cutting-edge cyber security solutions, today opened up preregistration for victims of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach to sign up for Passages Consumer, a secure virtual browser. Earlier this month Ntrepid proudly announced its intention to provide the victims of the breach with free access to its upcoming consumer version of Passages. Starting today, Ntrepid will host an initial 60-day sign up period for those affected by the breach to register for Passages prior to the release of the free version later on this year. The consumer version of Passages will be free to OPM breach victims for one year.

While the signup can be done online at: www.GetPassages.com/Breach, breach victims can also register in person and get a hands-on demonstration of Passages this week during RSA 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Ntrepid staff will be on hand in the South Expo of the Moscone Center at booth 627. This preregistration will assist Ntrepid in scoping the task of deployment and ensure all those affected get the protection they need and benefit from a great user experience.

“Far more than 50 percent our corporate family was directly impacted by the breach, so we are taking this personally,” explained Richard Helms, Founder and Chief Executive at Ntrepid. “Unfortunately the identity protection offered to victims neither detects nor prevents malware infection; the most likely tool that would be used against them by a state sponsor to further collect information and/or manipulate their lives. We believe this threat is immediate and are working diligently to provide all victims with a secure browser that eliminates this attack vector; keeping us, particularly those who provide for the defense of our country safe online.”

Passages is a secure, virtual browser that protects users from targeted cyber social engineering attacks and allows them to navigate and browse the Internet without concern of picking up malware. Using Passages as the default method for Internet browsing assures that when a user clicks a bad link or is targeted with a web attack, they will be protected. Passages isolates the web session allowing the user the ability to be on the web, watch and download videos, music, and files of all types, as well as print without compromising their machine.

Passages further enhances the safety of victims and their families by protecting the identity of the user, which significantly reduces the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks – all while providing the complete functionality that users expect from a traditional web browser. Our focus is making all of this work in a secure, affordable package that provides a great user experience without the need for special training.

About Passages

Passages provides a secure virtual browser that protects the enterprise from all web-based attacks, including web-delivered malware, watering hole attacks, spear phishing, passive information leakage, and drive-by downloads. Passages isolates all browsing activity from the local computer and network, allowing users to access any website and follow any link without risk to the company’s infrastructure or data. Additionally, Passages hides user identity and corporate affiliation, significantly reducing the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks.

Leveraging Ntrepid Corporation’s platform and 15-year history of protecting the national security community from the world’s most sophisticated opponents, Passages allows organizations to implement security at the speed of business. From corporate identity management to secure browsing, Ntrepid products empower enterprise online research and data collection, eliminating threats to an online workforce. More information can be found at: www.NtrepidCorp.com.