Timestream Projects is a major feature update for Timestream, expanding the data export options for Ntrepid’s latest product.

Herndon, VA – Ntrepid Corporation announces the release of Timestream Projects, a major feature update for Ntrepid Timestream™. Timestream Projects allows users to export Presentations and Reports directly from their case.

Expanding on the compelling feature set of Timestream, Timestream Projects makes it easier than ever to create Presentations and Reports. An intuitive editor is used to create a Project; the information can then be tailored to the audience and exported as a Presentation or a Report. Users already track and organize their cases with Timestream, now that same data can be exported into Presentations and Reports. Projects is free, and built into Timestream, there’s no need to download additional software or add-ons.

Timestream Projects dramatically streamlines the process of creating compelling presentations and useful reports because it leverages the work you’ve already put into your case,” said Teddy Lindsey, Vice President of Research & Development at Ntrepid Corporation. “Copying and pasting from various applications into PowerPoint or Word is a thing of the past.”

Presentations get exported as a micro-website, which means they can be opened on any computer with a browser. An intuitive editor allows every slide to be custom tailored. Information can be redacted or added; slides and attachments can be removed or rearranged. Various Presentation themes and slide transitions are also included. Reports are exported to a text document that is easily printable and ready to attach to existing digital or paper reports. Timestream Reports can include detailed information on attached case artifacts, such as file names and forensic hashes.

Timestream is a timeline-based tool for case organization and visualization. Users can collaborate with others using Timestream Connect. Timestream Capture enables evidence collection in the field, available free on the App Store.

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Additional product information can be found at timestream.ntrepidcorp.com.

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