The Academic Software is Free for Students and Faculty

Herndon, VA – Ntrepid Corporation has announced that it is releasing Timestream to universities for free. After signing up at, students and faculty will have access to the full suite of productivity tools: Timestream, a timeline app for organizing and presenting information, Timestream, a cloud server for collaborating and sharing, and Timestream Capture, an iPhone app for gathering field data (available on the App Store.)

For most students, the words “group project” can create headaches. It can be a challenge to coordinate the perfect time for people with packed schedules to meet or distinguish who contributed what to a project’s end result. It can also be hard to work together when everyone is using a different type of computer, and there is always the dreaded fear that the day of the presentation will arrive and the file will not be compatible with the classroom computer.

Timestream eliminates these issues by allowing its users to:

• Collaborate & Share

• Organize & Visualize

• Present & Report

Collaborate & Share

Collaboration between group members or students and faculty becomes easy when using Timestream. Faculty can easily monitor their students’ progress and view exactly who is contributing what to the project. They can also add their own comments directly to the timeline quickly and easily from their own computer.

Students in turn can manage their projects from any location, online or offline, since Timestream is completely portable. When online, they can sync their work together over the cloud server, allowing the entire group to see changes as they are made. Also, differences between computer platforms are no longer an issue because Timestream runs on virtually any computer.

“All the pictures, documents, websites and videos pertaining to my research were contained within a single Timestream file, which I was able to share with my group members through the Timestream server,” said John Longenecker, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA).

Longenecker utilized Timestream in his last group research project. He and three other students were tasked with tracking down an actual criminal expert on the botnet industry and presenting their findings to their Criminal Operations in the Cyber Underworld class. “We were [working] at different computers, different locations and different times, and we were all able to see the exact same information at once,” said Longenecker.

Organize & Visualize

Timestream also helped Longenecker and his group members view their research in a way that helped them to better interpret their findings. “Timestream allowed me to visualize and see patterns that revealed valuable insights, and the timeline function gave me a tool to discern the gaps in my research,” said Longenecker.

Timestream gives users the opportunity to thoroughly learn their case as they add and organize events, details and supporting documents to the interactive timeline. This data is not at risk of being lost because Timestream automatically saves everything that is entered into the software. The tagging and filter features allow students to see where parts of the timeline intersect and how they relate to each other in ways that might not have been obvious at first glance.

Longenecker and his group were able to discern their target’s pattern of activity over the years, ranging from the people he was associating with to the locations where he spent most of his time. “There was the ability to show the direct evidence, or lack thereof, which was convenient,” said Longenecker.

Present & Report

When it’s time to present, Timestream provides themed browser-based presentations or Rich Text Format reports that give a complete visual overview of the project. The presentations allow for easy, seamless navigation to different sections of the project as opposed to moving one slide at a time, and are also very fast to set up. “I was able to create a presentation in about five seconds,” said Longenecker.

Getting the presentation into the classroom is also easy. Since Timestream is portable, it can run off a flash drive. Because it can run on virtually any computer, there will also be no compatibility issues with the classroom computer on the day of presentation. Students and teachers can rest assured that everything will run smoothly, allowing them to put all their attention to the work at hand.

Timestream is available for free download at

Timestream will also be featured at the following conferences this summer:

CALIcon14: Conference for Law School Computing, June 19-21

Beyond Boundaries: AALL 107th Annual Meeting and Conference, July 12-15

CDLA 2014 Annual Conference, July 24-27

APSA 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, August 28-31

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