Designed for law enforcement, lawyers, or anyone who needs to present a compelling story using timelines and multimedia

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) – Ntrepid Corporation announced the debut of Ntrepid Timestreamâ„¢, which offers a new approach to case analysis and presentation. Timestream uses interactive timelines to visually illustrate facts and chronology of events, with filters to navigate and drill into certain points in time or focus attention on specific storylines.

During the course of an investigation, legal case, or research project, photos, videos, sound recordings and documents are continuously collected. Organizing, analyzing, and sharing all of this information in a coherent way during the course of a project can be challenging. With Ntrepid Timestream, a visual timeline evolves as the case progresses and files are organized and shown in context with the events they support. Sharing is easy, since case timelines and multimedia documents are handed off in a single, encrypted file that anyone can open on Mac or Windows using Timestream in read-only mode. For real-time case collaboration, the company offers a server component.

In addition to Timestream, Ntrepid will release a mobile multimedia collection application for the iPhone this summer. Photos, videos, scanned documents and sound recordings captured live in the field can be sent directly to Timestream through a wireless connection. The company will also be adding a multi-dimensional Presentation mode to deliver a crisp, sharp presentation using any web browser.

Ntrepid Timestream is a new type of multimedia organization and timeline presentation software designed to improve communication and save time. To experience all of its capabilities, download a free trial version from the Ntrepid website at:

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