Secure Isolated Browser Recognized for Innovation with a Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Award During RSA Conference 2017

Herndon, VA – March 1, 2017 – Ntrepid Corporation, provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) has named Passages, the company’s secure isolated browser, winner of the award for Cutting Edge Anti-Malware Solution. Passages was selected by CDM, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and media partner of the RSA® Conference 2017, along with leading independent information security experts, for its innovative ability to strengthen an organization’s security. Award winners were announced on Feb. 13, 2017, the first day of the RSA Conference.

“We’re thrilled to recognize next-generation innovation in the information security marketplace and that’s why Passages has earned this award from Cyber Defense Magazine. Some of the best INFOSEC defenses come from these kinds of forward thinking players who think outside of the box,” said Pierluigi Paganini, Editor-in-Chief, Cyber Defense Magazine.

Browsers are uniquely vulnerable to attacks, and today’s conventional malware protection and firewalls cannot protect against the majority of undetected attacks that come through the web. Effective security solutions should not solely focus on blocking attacks, but must also mitigate infections when they do happen. Passages isolates the browser in a secure virtual machine (VM). Every time a user launches the Passages browser, a brand new VM opens, and at the end of every browsing session, the VM is destroyed along with any malware that may have been encountered. By establishing a VPN connection to a server located inside a secure cloud network and outside the customer’s secure enterprise perimeter, attackers cannot move from the browser to scan and target other devices on the local network.

“Our team is honored to receive this competitive award from CDM,” said Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist of Passages. “Passages is committed to protecting the individual as a means of protecting the enterprise, and this recognition further validates the importance of secure isolated browsers as a solution for combatting the growing risk of malware.”

With Passages, users can access the online files they need while keeping malware off their computers. Passages scans all files for possible malware before being allowed near the user’s local desktop. It is capable of detecting and blocking the execution of zero-day malware in both open and isolated networks without the need for continual updates. Passages prevents users from being identified via their browser, making targeted attacks impossible. Passages can also help meet HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST compliance standards.

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About Passages

Passages is a secure virtual browser that protects the enterprise from all web-based attacks, including web-delivered malware, watering hole attacks, spear phishing, passive information leakage, and drive-by downloads. Passages isolates all browsing activity from the local computer and network, allowing users to access any website and follow any link without risk to the company’s infrastructure or data. Additionally, Passages hides user identity and corporate affiliation, significantly reducing the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks.

Passages leverages Ntrepid’s platform and 20-year history of protecting the national security community from the world’s most sophisticated opponents, allowing organizations to implement security at the speed of business. From corporate identity management to secure browsing, Ntrepid products empower enterprise online research and data collection, eliminating threats to an online workforce. More information can be found at: