Mapper—Network-Level Attribution

Secure Managed Network Routing for Your Devices

Mapper provides managed network routing for complex online operations, allowing you to control your attribution across multiple devices. By securing access to a global network of egress nodes through a VPN tunneling system, Mapper provides full support for operations requiring managed attribution capabilities.

Mapper allows any networked device to communicate with the internet while disguising its true location and IP address, ensuring that the needs of your unique mission are met.

Managed Network Routing for All Your Devices

An image of multiple digital devices connecting over a secure network.

In addition to desktop computers and phones, Mapper provides network routing for:

  • Game consoles
  • IoT devices
  • VoIP phones
  • Servers
  • Proprietary systems
  • Any device in your network

The Mapper Advantage

Mapper provides a comprehensive network routing platform. The platform securely routes all your traffic through global destinations using a remote IP address, enabling you to shift your online presence to any geographic location. Maintain complete network security while managing your attribution through Mapper.

What you can do with Mapper:

  • Manage your digital trail
  • Control a global constellation of egress nodes
  • Communicate securely over networks
  • Protect your identity during network exit and entry
An image representing global egress nodes.

Mapper Key Features

Secure Network Entry

As a VPN tunneling service, Mapper offers safe access to your set of egress nodes. Your internet traffic is secured through our network via a hardware or software-based VPN.

Full Control of Network Mappings

Mapper is GUI and API controllable. Operators can manipulate their IP mappings to adequately fit their mission goals.

Wide Array of Egress Nodes

With thousands of egress IPs, Mapper is ideal for developing and controlling multiple digital trails across vast geographic distances. These nodes remain dedicated, eliminating the possibility of duplicate sites.

Unidirectional and Bidirectional Connections

Utilizing fully directional connections, Mapper allows operators to retain complete control over their outbound and inbound communications.

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