I’m turning 37 on September 3rd and as I look back at a kid growing up in North East Texas – riding my bike way too fast, shooting BB guns at one another, and diving into shallow creeks to catch a snake that happened to be swimming by, one thing comes to mind – what was I thinking?

Luckily in my adult life, there has been only a few times where I look back and wonder that. For the most part, my adult life has been low-key – I grew up, I got married, I had kids, and I bought a house. That’s pretty much it.

I realize none of this matters on a professional level, but being my first blog for my new company I wanted to give some background. I think you can tell from my past that I’m not a risk taker. I believe in comfort in consistency. I believe that the only ice worth walking on is melted ice. I don’t take chances.

So why did I decide to work for a company that has, for so long, so silently served its customers that I had never heard of them? Why did I choose to leave the E-Discovery industry – a business that I will quickly say that I know a lot about –and one that is still thriving? That is a lot of change for someone who plays it safe.

The answer isn’t complex. It’s not philosophical. It’s certainly not a mid-life crisis (though at almost 37, we’re getting close). The answer is very simple – this company believes in and invests in its people.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that others don’t. What I’m saying is that from the second I answered the LinkedIn InMail from the company recruiter, I knew that there was something special about Ntrepid. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it was something. And that made me curious.

So I agreed to meet with them. And they were organized. They knew exactly who would be meeting with me and when. And even better, when I hit the intercom buzzer to be buzzed up, the person at the front desk knew who I was and who I was there to meet. They had been expecting me.

As I got to know the interviewers, I learned that they had each been with the company for over 7 years and that they had gotten where they are through hard work. I interpreted that as the company looking out for and recognizing those who work hard, and I was right!

They were also engaged. Many times in an interview, the interviewer asks a question but likely cannot repeat back your answer because they weren’t actually listening. These guys wanted to make sure they were making the right choice – and they genuinely cared about how I was going to help them grow.

Since starting at Ntrepid on June 19th, I’ve learned that every assumption I had about this company was true. They are genuine. Not just management. Every. Single. Person. They collaborate, not because it’s a key term, but because they understand the power of people helping people.

This is why I love my new company and why I think those of you who I’m lucky enough to do business with here will too. They hire the right people. They treat their people right. Their people treat one another right. And because of this, they are able to create Products of Magnitude, and their customers win.

Next week, I will be releasing a blog about one of Ntrepid’s Products of Magnitude: “Timestream for Corporate Law. The piece is entitled “How to build complex chronologies without the migraines”. Stay tuned for that and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @oransears