Ntrepid understands the need to modernize and streamline the Offices of Inspector General’s (OIG) internet-based cyber investigations. Ntrepid appreciates the challenges that exist with the management and collection of digital evidence that is collected throughout the course of investigations. We are confident that your needs will be met through the deployment of Ntrepid’s products, specifically Nfusion and Timestream.

Nfusion is a virtual desktop environment that was specifically designed to assist with secure non-attributable audits & investigations for the law enforcement, defense, and intelligence communities.

Nfusion has been successfully deployed within varied USG environments and enables access to dedicated backstopped points of presence, providing obfuscation and misattribution. Utilizing a secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) ensures isolation from the user's local machine and network, preventing the possible spread of any malware. Nfusion forensically hashes browser history records of all websites visited, and any artifacts collected are automatically scanned for malware. Nfusion is deployed in such a way that secure remote access is possible through a modern web browser, allowing users to access Nfusion from any device, regardless of their location.

Nfusion enables users to mask their identity and appear to be anywhere in the world when using Ntrepid’s proprietary Geosites. Nfusion masks the endpoint’s potentially identifying attributes such as language settings, operating system, browser versions, and plugins. Nfusion also destroys all trackers and identifiers at the end of every session. This ensures that user activity is not recognized, and their pattern of activity cannot be analyzed.

Timestream is a chronological data management and analysis tool specifically created to support audits and investigations.

Timestream allows for the creation of digital case files that organize and tell a story from evidence. Timestream is currently deployed for law enforcement and the legal community, playing a critical role in supporting the delivery of the story during the prosecution stage of a case.

Timestream is engineered in such a way that users can import evidence directly from Nfusion to include Journal browsing history, documents and photos, and dynamically create a timeline of events relevant to the investigation. Similar to Nfusion, Timestream evidence files are forensically hashed to facilitate digital chain of custody. Multiple users can collaborate in real-time on building and annotating the timeline, so everyone has the same understanding of the sequence of events. Timestream also provides analytical tools that help users drill down into the details of the case and find new connections between events, actors, and evidence.

Timestream also includes a geospatial view of evidence allowing users to explore geospatial patterns over time. Timestream saves users time by dynamically creating presentation slideshows out of the information already present in the digital case file. Since Timestream is a browser-based application, it is accessible to authenticated users from any modern web browser.

Combining two existing Ntrepid solutions ensures users get a seamless, reliable, and proven experience.

Nfusion's Journal capability allows for the collection and enrichment of web browsing data. Timestream leverages Nfusion’s Journal data to create the beginnings of a digital case file. Cryptographic hashes of web browsing data are verified upon import into Timestream, facilitating the digital chain of custody.

Ntrepid’s ability to provide proven products ensures that OIGs will benefit from the products’ reliability, scalability, and ease of use. Ntrepid has already developed and deployed these products for years within many varied customer environments. OIGs will benefit from the institutional knowledge and R&D that has gone into these products. Ntrepid fully controls its product roadmaps with input from its customers, and as a prime contractor we will not rely on any subcontractors. Ntrepid takes pride in its products and stands by their promised quality.

How Stand-Alone Laptops Put Investigators at Risk

The internet is now part of almost all investigations, bringing significant new complexity to gathering evidence or conducting covert activity. A common method for conducting these investigations is to use a dedicated laptop connected to the internet over personal WiFi. Unfortunately, this is an unsafe way to operate, with significant risk of identification, location exposure, content blocking, and infection. This solution is ineffective in accessing common social media platforms, and investigators are being consistently locked out of their accounts as a result.

To effectively protect your online investigations, OIG agents need more robust capabilities and overall protection than any stand-alone solution can provide. Read our blog to learn more.

  • Secure Misattributed Desktop
    VDI in an air-gapped environment.  Managed attribution for online research and investigations.

  • Timeline Visualization and Analysis
    Collaborative data management solution. Organize, visualize, and communicate your story.