We are proud to share that Passages was named a finalist in the 2016 Homeland Security Awards Program in two categories: Best Anti-Malware Solution, and Best Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation Solution.

Government Security News (GSN) designed these awards to recognize the most innovative, important technologies and strategies by U.S. and International IT and Cybersecurity companies, Physical Security companies and Federal, State, County and Municipal Government Agencies. In GSN’s announcement, award judge Chuck Brooks shared, “Each year the quality and scope of the submissions makes it more difficult to judge. They are all deserving. There are no inferior security products or services that I evaluated — they are all stellar. The approaches and methods sometimes differ among the entries and that is largely because they are highly focused on their specific client needs.”

The government is a primary target for all kinds of attacks, including hactivists and sophisticated nation state level actors using highly targeted attack techniques. The ability to continuously monitor and mitigate attacks that come through the browser is an immediate need for our government customers. It is our goal to give each organization’s leadership the tools to view, in real time, the attacks that are being absorbed by Passages, assuring that they are able to have a clearer picture of overall network security.

Thank you to GSN for this honor!

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