As seen in ThirdCertainty

Earlier this year at RSA 2016, I had the opportunity to sit down with ThirdCertainty Editor Byron Acohido and discuss the inherent challenges of securing the web browsing experience and how those challenges can be overcome using next generation technologies like our secure browser, Passages. The podcast of that discussion can be found here.

The sad reality is that everyone is forced to use the Internet for business, yet today’s browsers continue to use architectures that are easy to exploit by attackers and hard to defend. They are a major weak point in an organization’s security posture which leads to infected endpoints. From there attackers initiate secondary attacks and compromises which lead to data breaches and other damaging behavior.

Fortunately there are technologies that allow you to securely browse the web without fear of becoming a victim of a malware attack or a specific target of cyber criminals. My discussion with Byron provides a general overview of steps that can be taken to secure web browsing. To learn how we help enterprises looking to ensure safe web browsing for their employees without the risk of infecting network machines or compromising valuable enterprise data, check out Passages.

Podcast: Lance Cottrell and ThirdCertainty’s Byron Acohido discuss the benefits of Passages