Unless you decide to work and live completely off the grid, you are susceptible to cyber attacks. Stories of major data breaches are becoming headline news practically every day. Anyone who has had their personal information compromised is at increased risk. Earlier this month we announced that we are offering victims of the OPM breach free access to our Passages secure web browser to help reduce their vulnerability to attack.

Unfortunately, these individuals, and the organizations for which they worked, are extremely vulnerable to attack because of the highly detailed and very personal information that was exposed by the hackers in the OPM breach. It is imperative that in any future online activity they are effectively buffered from the plethora of targeted attacks that will undoubtedly be coming their way. To put this into better context, check out my recent webinar outlining How to Protect Against Targeting, Phishing, and Malvertising. The threats are out there, but fortunately you don’t have to live off the grid to stay safe.